To validate tickets, you need a mobile device or computer connected to the internet. You also need an account at Fienta to log in. If Multiple people can log at the same time using the same account.

Mobile app

To validate tickets using mobile, download our free app for iOS or Android from links below or search "Fienta" from appropriate app stores. 

Using the app

After logging in, you are presented a list of future events. Choose your event, press SCAN and point your camera to ticket code. The app will show you the ticket type, amount and mark it as used in Fienta.

Appropriate message will be displayed when scanning a ticket which has already been used.


For testing, you can use sample ticket found under "Ticket" menu when setting up your event at Fienta. Or, use this QR code:

Reverting the ticket

In case you validated a ticket by mistake, you can mark it as valid again. Drag the ticket information on screen to left, until an Undo button will appear. Press it.

Offline mode

In case of missing or bad internet connection, the app will continue working but displays a message of being offline. You can scan tickets of last chosen event by using an offline database in your device. The information about validated tickets will be sent to Fienta as soon as your device connects to internet again. 

Data shown

By default, the app will display only ticket type and amount. If you like, you can choose to display additional data collected during purchase, for example the name of conference attendee. Set it up from Order Form > Custom Field in Fienta.

Printing name tags

Our app can be used to print name tags using Apple Airprint or Google Cloud Print or ZPL compatible printers. Let us know if you wish to use this feature at

Third party tickets

Our app also supports validating tickets issued by various third party ticket providers. For this to work, these third party ticket codes need to be imported into Fienta.  Let us know if you wish to set this feature up at

Computers and other devices

You can also use various combinations of code scanners and computers to validate tickets. Configure your scanner to decode "QR Code" format and submit the code to form at The form returns the current status of the ticket and marks it as being used.

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