February 2019

  • New reports which show data across all your events.
  • Now you can choose to include discount codes when making copy of existing event.
  • Added support for Facebook Pixel tracking. 

January 2019

  • You can now ask your buyers a consent for subscribing to your mailing lists.
  • Ticket buyer will see a hint to correct misspelled email address during purchase. For example @gmail.con will be suggested to change to @gmail.com. 
  • Added Swedbank Latvia to payment methods. 
  • Option to set minimum number of tickets per order for ticket types. 
  • Now you can request refunds and cancel pending orders right from order view.
  • Mobile app: added attendee search and manual check-in.
  • Mobile app: added continuous scanning mode which opens camera automatically few moments after previous successful scan.

December 2018

  • Ability to add descriptive text to ticket types, appearing on ticket email and PDF.
  • You can now display custom messages when sales has ended or tickets have been sold out.
  • Added Portuguese support for checkout process.
  • Tickets are now sent both as HTML and plain text emails.
  • Public event pages are now machine readable, enabling event discovery websites to scape them.

November 2018

  • Volume discounts.
  • Dutch support for checkout process.
  • Mobile app supports printing nametags on ZPL compatible printers.
  • Add ability to track purchase stages in Google Analytics.

October 2018

  • Updated graphical overview of sales volume and sold tickets.
  • Overview of major referrals and buyer's geographical locations.
  • New Orders and Attendees tools, improved search.
  • Ability to add internal notes to orders.
  • French support for checkout process.
  • Public API to get event details and display them on your own website for example.

September 2018

  • Ability to set due time for invoices related to bank transfer payments.
  • German and Spanish support for checkout process.
  • Mobile app displays the number of tickets validated vs tickets sold. For large events, data synchronisation now works much faster.

August 2018

  • New and more flexible tool for handling discount codes.
  • Ability to set organiser contacts on per-event basis.
  • Ability to add custom message when re-sending tickets and invoices to buyers.
  • Order form fields can be displayed on ticket.

July 2018

  • Usability improvements related to payment selection on checkout page.
  • More detailed validations report.

June 2018

  • Ability to sell other services in addition to tickets.
  • Define multiple discount codes per ticket type.
  • Ability to display organiser's terms of service on event page.
  • Option to send the buyer of multiple tickets all tickets in separate emails or in one mail. Also, you can choose to create just one compound ticket. 
  • Mobile app supports tickets issued by other ticketing providers.
  • Mobile app now has offline mode.
  • Mobile app can be configured to display data asked from attendee during registration.
  • Mobile app has undo functionality.

May 2018

  • Dedicated environment for ticket resellers.
  • New option for ticket type: maximum amount of tickets per order.

April 2018

  • Tool for issuing complimentary tickets.
  • Ability to show the number of available seats right on your organiser's website.
  • Support for all eurozone countries.
  • Lithuanian support for checkout process.

March 2018

  • Buyer can request custom information to be added to the invoice.
  • Attendee report includes purchased ticket name and price.
  • Ability to check uniqueness when filling custom fields.

February 2018

  • Support for Google Ecommerce Analytics.
  • Usability enhancements.

January 2018

  • Finnish and Lithuanian payment methods.

December 2017

  • New Customers tool.
  • New Invoices report.

November 2017

  • Reworked event public webpage's behaviour and visuals.

October 2017

  • Detecting customer's country and town.
  • Option to keep the sold out ticket types in the list.
  • Improved multilingual capabilities.
  • Discount code column added to orders report.

September 2017

  • Embed mode: the whole checkout process can now be placed right on the organiser's own website. 
  • Email notifications on each purchase including detailed information about the order.
  • Ticket types and events can be deleted.

August 2017

  • In addition to .pdf attachment, the email sent to customers now includes itself everything needed to check-in: event name, date and time, venue, QR code, also custom text and image.
  • You can now customize the color of buttons and hyperlinks on event page.
  • Ticket types can now be duplicated.
  • You can now hide private events from our homepage and search results.

July 2017

  • Discount codes for changing ticket normal prices.

June 2017

  • Enhanced mobile support: the whole checkout process not fits nicely and is usable on even the smallest mobile screens.
  • Google Analytics support, cross-domain tracking.
  • Finnish support for checkout process.
  • Updated reports: now you can see the reports across all events, also we added customer's language to orders.
  • Moved the app to new servers.

Mai 2017

  • Started using QR code instead of barcodes.
  • The name of marketing channel is now saved to orders.

April 2017

  • New payment method: using normal invoice and bank wire.
  • Discount codes can now be entered from checkout page.
  • Reports now display most recent rows first.

March 2017

  • Custom fields and registration forms.
  • Amounts can now be changed with +/- buttons on checkout page.
  • Uploaded images are now automatically resized.
  • Mobile app for ticket scanning.

February 2017

  • Latvian support for checkout process.

January 2017

  • Support for free events and ticket types.
  • Events can now be duplicated.
  • New payment method: Pocopay.
  • Automatic hyperlink detection in event description.

December 2016

  • Reworked reports.

November 2016

  • We now send out invoices in the name of organizers.
  • Russian support for checkout process.
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